Child Safety

In early 2014 it became illegal to supply or professionally install internal window blinds that do not comply with the new standard BS EN 13120

The Mandatory Requirements:

* Installation of child safe blinds to all homes whether children are present or not
* Limitations on cord and chain lengths
* Safety devices for preventing any cords or chains from creating a hazardous loop
* The fitting of safety devices on cords and chains at the point of manufacture
* The testing of all safety critical components of internal blinds
* Safety warnings or product instructions

Blinds Safe by Design

A ‘Safe by Design’ blind is a cordless blind, a blind with concealed or tension cords and motorised blinds.
The monowand controls the tilt as well as the opening and closing of the blind. These are available on Vertical blinds as well as some Venetian blinds

Blinds with In Built Safety Systems

Blinds with ‘In Built Safety Systems’ are blinds that are not ‘Safe by Design’ but have had safety systems built into them.
Roman Blinds are fitted with a breakaway device which do not hinder the operation of the blind.
Chains that have a double break in them and breakaway tassels will separate with a 6kg load

Separate Safety Systems

If blinds do not comply with the new requirements safety systems can be fitted so that they do, such as a tensioner or a cleat